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Microsoft Excel holds an elevated standard of spreadsheet software which contains a lot of advantages to its novice users. Over the years, Microsoft was enhanced immensely by providing more functions and formulas that help users keep up with the fast pace of modern technology.

Compatibility to other Data and Financial Manipulation Software

There’s nothing to worry about the compatibility of this application to any program to initiate effectively its function and formula. With its popularity, Excel users are not worried about the conversion of some function in Excel spreadsheet because of its compatibility with other application.

The spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel can be viewed, inserted, manipulated and imported from another known software application. It is also compatible with other Microsoft Office items to the 3rd party tracking and accounting programs.

Robust Assistance and Help Availability

Beyond the extending help documentation within Microsoft Excel, the users of this application can also find numerous resources from libraries, bookstores and assistance online in the figure of walk-through videos, comprehensive how-to-know books, and book guides and support forums.

Powerful Customization

Most users rarely see important task of Excel, it offers remarkable customization through visual basic add-ons and Macros. This is fit for those Excel users who have programming experience and specific needs.

Using Excel with Easiness

Microsoft Excel is one of the most accessible and convenient program having its instinctive design, helpful wizards and simple functions using ‘points and clicks’. With this, it can guide the new Excel users with more intricate process. Microsoft Excel is a versatile software application program that has an extreme use in any offices or accounting related works. Excel has spread its excellence and a lot of businesses are using it. Microsoft Excel is known to be an electronic spreadsheet and software application, which is used to formulate, organize, calculate and store data. In addition, it performs fundamental mathematical operations like adding up values for rows and columns.

By using Excel’s functions and formulas, it helps calculate plan for loans or mortgages payment and repayment. It aims to search for the minimum, average and maximum values with specified range within the date. Microsoft Excel has the ability to use graphing or sorting of data assisting the users to identify certain given data. Moreover, this software application program uses spreadsheets along with formulas sorting and filtering data to find the details and specified information. It is also responsible in finding values such as profits and loss.

When using or looking for the solution to solve such data problems in Microsoft Excel, the sole solution is to look for the appropriate functions or formulas that could help you solve the problem. With Microsoft Excel, there are hundreds of functions as well as formulas that could help the user resolve any data problems incurred in the spreadsheet.

Among the helpful functions of Excel is the NETWORKDAYS function. NETWORKDAYS function in Microsoft Excel is used with multiple holidays.

This article will show you how to use NETWORKDAYS function with numerous ways. When using this Excel function with numerous holidays, the user can enter such holidays within the format of serial number or as the cell reference then the user must have to put the dates within the ({}) braces. With this function, dates in text form are ignored in the spreadsheet if it is in the date system of 1904.

The function NETWORKDAYS of Microsoft Excel returns the numbers of the entire working days flanked by two dates. In addition, the user can enter directly the ending and starting dates as text or serial numbers, through the cell reference or through the use of the function DATEVALUE in Microsoft Excel.


If NETWORKDAYS function in Microsoft Excel returns the error #NAME, the user must have to follow and use these steps:

  • On the menu tools, you have to click Add-ins.
  • Hit on the button then choose the analysis ToolPak, then click OK.
  • Click the button yes, if you have the update or installation message.
  • After the update message, click the outside cell, which contains the formula. Then after that, click to choose the cell and press ENTER.


DATEVALUE function in Microsoft Excel is the right way in indicating dates through a text form. In addition, the user must have to enclose such constant array of DATEVALUE function in Microsoft Excel.

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