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When it comes to data storing and data managing, the program that is frequently used is Microsoft Excel. It is a software application that has extensive use to any accounting and office works. With this program, office work is done easier. Rather than writing those valuable data in a sheet of paper, it’s better to place them in this spreadsheet application. In here, the data are safely and securely stored. In case you want to make some alterations, it can easily be done through this program.

Computing certain mathematical problems in a piece of paper is preferably not a good idea than keying in the data in this spreadsheet program; this ensures a better way of keeping records. Through this, the answers are obtained easily through the so-called functions. To use Microsoft Excel successfully, one should know the different functions to get accurate results.

Among the numerous functions of Excel, one of these is the MONTH function which is commonly used in this application. This is frequently used in office and establishments such as banks, mortgage businesses, engineering firms and many others, which requires usage of this function and transactions that frequently involve months date. By reading the entire article, anyone can get basic information about the function particularly on how to use it in Excel.

MONTH Function Overview

The function is used to compute the month of certain date, which is represented by a set of serial numbers. The answer for the value of a month is in the form of integer that ranges from 1 until 12 which is from January to December.

MONTH Function Formula

With the so many functions in Excel, syntax is the only thing that separates them from each other. So, in order for Excel to give accurate and correct results, proper formula and values should be supplied. For MONTH function, the specific formula to use is:


Wherein, the value for the serial_number argument is the exact date of month that is required. It is necessary that the date supplied in Excel is a value from DATE function or a result from other functions or formulas. For instance, the date must be entered as “=DATE(1985,9,11)” for the date September 11, 1985.

MONTH Function Clarifications

  • Users must be aware that Excel saves dates in sequence and in serial number form for them to be read by Excel and appropriate for computation.
  • The date should be entered as a value from the DATE function.
  • The values returned through the DAY, MONTH and YEAR functions are displayed in Gregorian values no matter what is the format of the value of supplied date to be displayed.
  • Macintosh and Windows have different date settings. So, to make sure to get accurate results, users should determine the kind of computer software they are using.

MONTH Function Examples

Though MONTH function is one of the simplest functions in Excel, still, it is necessary to obtain examples to make sure that the function is appropriately used. So, by going through the given examples you will able to distinguish how to utilize the function using Microsoft Excel.

  • Return the month of the date September 11, 1985.
  • Return the month of the date October 22, 1986.
  • Return the month of the date November 24, 2009.

To obtain the month from the given dates using Microsoft Excel, do the following steps:

  • Open the Microsoft Excel program.
  • In an empty spreadsheet, enter all the given dates. Make sure to enter them in the DATE function.
  • After placing all the given dates, start to determine the month one by one.
  • Click for an empty cell in the spreadsheet. This will be the location of the answer.
  • In the chosen cell, enter the MONTH function syntax, which is “=MONTH(serial_number)”.
  • To supply the required value for argument, just click for the reference cell. For instance, the value is located in cell A2, then click for cell A2. The syntax to appear in the formula bar must be “=MONTH(A2)”.
  • After supplying the required value, press the “Enter” key.
  • The answer will appear in the chosen cell.
  • The answer for September 11, 1985 is 9, for October 22, 1986 the answer is 10 and for November 24, 2009 the answer is 11.

In case the answer is in date form, just right click the cell where the answer is located, click format cells and under the number category, choose text and the answer will appear in the same manner as what is written above.

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