MMULT Excel Formula

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A Matrix Function in Excel can be used which is under the Excel Math and Trigonometry Function. There are three types of Matrix Function in Excel which are the MDETERM function, MINVERS function, and the MMULT function.

The MMULT function computes the product of two array matrix. The syntax of the MMULT function is MMULT(array,array2). The array1 argument and the array2 argument must be a number which represents the matrix that has an equal number of column and row. Moreover, the results will also have the equal number of rows and columns given in array1 and array2 argument.

Remember that the function must be inputted as array formula by first; highlight the cells where the results will appear. After highlighting, input the function into the first cell of the highlighted cells and hit the Ctrl+Shift+Enter.

Try the function by opening a blank Excel spreadsheet. For the example input the following values on the corresponding cells as follows; cell A1- 1, cell B1- 4, cell C1-1 and cell D1-0; cell A2-3, cell B2-6, cell C2-2, and cell D2-5; cell A3-4, cell B3-2, cell C3-1, and cell D3-8.

Same with the following cells also input the following given numeric values. In cell F1- 1, cell F2-5, cell F3-7, AND IN cell F4- 4. In cell G1-5, cell G2-0, cell G3-2, and in cell G4- 5.

This example is a 3×4 cell matrix which is multiplied to a 4×4 matrix cell. Highlight the cell I1- cell I3 and cell J1- cell J3 and input the function =MMULT(A1:D3,F1-G4) on cell I1. The results will be as follows; cell I1- 28, cell I2-67, cell I3-53 and on cell J1-7, cell J2-44, and on cell J3-62.

The first common that happens in this function is the #VALUE! error. This happens when the given array argument is blank or has values which are not numbers. Or it could also be that the cumber of columns in the array1 argument is unequal to the number of rows to the array2 argument. The #N/A error also occurs in the outside cells of the range where the results are to be inputted.

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