MID, MIDB Excel Formula

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Microsoft Excel is an application for commercial spreadsheet distributed and written by Windows. This is a software program that is essential to the group of Office products for big and small business applications. Excel for Microsoft is the paper spreadsheet based in automated version making the viewing of data, manipulation and processing much easier. This is common with the same products such as Quattro Pro of Corel and Lotus 1, 2, and 3. Even though, it was reported that Lotus 1, 2, 3 is the first Excel spreadsheet to bring in or introduce the macros and cell names. Microsoft Excel executed the interface of graphical user and its ability to click and point by means of a mouse. Microsoft Excel has different parts in which it is commonly used in the spreadsheet such as column letter, active cell, name box, formula box, row number and sheet tab.

This is also considered as the structured information through different programs, utilities, operating systems and other applications enable to work through computers. Microsoft Excel is commercialized software program that consists of organized code and instruction written by computer programmers in different special languages through computer. The software program is divided in the main two categories:

  • Software System – it controls the basic computer functions and usually it is pre-installed within the machine. Thus, it is invisible to the Excel user.
  • Application Software – it handles huge numbers of specialized and common tasks that the Excel user wanted to execute like data processing, accounting, word processing and communicating.

Microsoft Excel has different functions and formulas that are mostly needed by Excel programmers and people who are dealing with arithmetic calculations. One of the most used function is the MID, MIDB Functions wherein MID function is intended to use with any languages that uses the character set with single-byte while MIDB is intended to use with any languages that uses character set with double-byte.

MID, MIDB Description:

The Mid function takes back the characters with its specified number from the strings. The MidB function is used mostly with data byte that contains within the string. All arguments indicate the figures of bytes.

The syntax for the MID is:

MidB (string-start-length)

String is the expression that is returned from the characters. Length is the numeric expression that expresses on how many of the characters to be returned. If the length is zero, zero length will be returned. If it is equal or greater than the character numbers then the whole string will be returned. When the Excel spreadsheet is using the MidB version with the MidB function, the data byte is held within the string. When it is using the MIDB function, both functions are starting and the length refers to the total figures of bytes while opposing to the numbers of all characters.

Using the String MID Function:

Conceivably, the user received a single file with ID numbers or product codes and the user just wanted to extract the two parts of the long string. Through Excel, the user can possibly extract the essential text pieces, thus, you doesn’t need to retype all the needed details manually. Furthermore, the user can use the MID function if the text is in the similar row lengths as well you want to take out each cell in similar location. Here are the following instructions.

  • Open the spreadsheet in Excel enabling the text string you want to look or search.
  • Click the empty cell to start this function then enter the equal sign then MID.
  • Enter open parenthesis then the cell number containing the text which the user wanted to extract. On the other hand, enter the text the user wanted to find that are quotes enclosed. Go through the comma.
  • Enter first character text you want to display then with a comma.
  • Go through with the character numbers from the beginning position the user wanted to display through Excel then with closing parenthesis.
  • Click on the button of Enter displaying the result.


MID function in Excel can also be used in VBA code. For instance, Dim BResult as the String; your formula must be “BResult = Mid (“alphabet”, 5, 2)”. MID, MIDB Excel function can be applied through the Excel XP, Excel 2000, Excel 2003 and Excel 2007.

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