IMSUM Excel Formula

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IMSUM Excel function computes the sum or total of several complex numbers.

The format for the said function is:


= IMSUM (Inumber1, Inumber2 …)


Inumber1, Inumber2 … arguments are consists of complex numbers between 1 and 255.


You have to keep in mind that complex numbers are basically stored as context or text in Excel application. When a sequence in the format “a + bj” or “a + bi” is given to one of Excel built-in functions of complex numbers, this is read as complex number. In addition, this complex number function is accepted as a single numeric value, since this is equal to a complex number containing imaginary coefficient which is equal to 0.

So, arguments can be used to Inumber IMSUM Excel function either as:

  • A simple number, and/or a complex number inside the quotation marks – e.g. “5 + i3″, or
  • A value that is returned from an additional Excel formula or function
  • A reference to a data cell containing a numeric value or complex number.

Excel IMSUM functions are utilized to find the total or sum of several complex numbers. Its functions are displayed in the spreadsheet on its left side and the results are given in the spreadsheet to the right.

In Utilizing the IMSUM Function:

  • You have to key in the “=IMSUM(“
  • Enter its coordinate on its A2 data cell
  • Put a comma after it
  • Enter its coordinate for B2 data cell
  • Then key in “)” and after that press ENTER key.

For more information about the IMSUM function in Excel, you can visit Microsoft Office site.

Common Errors in Excel IMSUM Function:

If you get the error from the IMSUB function in excel, it would be possible be one of these:

  • #NUM! – It happen when the supplied NUMBER argument is not identified as the complex number
  • #NAME? – It happen when the Analysis Tool Pak adds on is not enabled in the Excel. You will have to let the add-on if you like to use Excel engineering functions.

For you to perform this in Excel 2003, you have to do the following:

  • From its drop down Tools menu, you have to choose the option Analysis Tool Pak and then click OK.
  • An add-on window will pop out and from here, you need to choose the option Analysis Tool Pal and then click OK

For you to perform this in Excel 2007, you have to do the following:

  • Click Microsoft button just on top of the left spreadsheet and then choose Excel Options button
  • From Menu, select Add on located at the left hand side
  • In Manage box, you have to choose Excel Add- Ins and then click GO
  • An Add-on window will pop out. From here, you have to choose option Analysis Tool Pak and then click OK

These are the things that you can do to make IMSUM function in Excel. There are still a lot of tutorials that you can find online and through Microsoft site. You can browse online and learn more about IMSUM function. Furthermore, you can also look for some more formulas to use.

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