IMSUB Excel Formula

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The IMSUB function excel calculates the disparity between the 2 complex numbers (subtract one complex to the other). Its format function is as follows:

Syntax Formula:

= IMSUB (Inumber1, Inumber2)


The number arguments are equally the complex number, in which you can subtract Inumber 2 from the Inumber 1.


You have to learn that the complex number is simply saved as text or context in excel. If the text strings in format “a+bi” and/or in “a+bj” are supplied to Excel integral complex number of function, it is read as the complex number.  Additionally, the complex number of function can accept plain numeric value, as it is comparable to the complex number whose co efficiency is equivalent to zero.

IMSUB Function Samples:

As a result, the inumber arguments could be completed to Excel IMSUB function since each argument is:

  • A simpler number which is considered as a complex numeral encased in the quotation marks,

For example: “5+3i”

  • An indication to the cell containing the complex number or the numeric value
  • A value that is reciprocated from another Excel formula or function

These are included in the samples below:

In the sample below, an Excel IMSUB function are used to find the difference or variation between the different combinations of complex numbers.

How to Utilize the IMSUB Function:

You can stumble on various examples of Excel IMSUB function used to seek for the difference between the combinations or groupings of some complex numbers.

Here’s how to use it:

  • Type in “=IMSUB(“
  • Enter the value of its coordinate for the A2 Data cell.
  • Put a comma after.
  • Enter the coordinate value for the B2 Data cell
  • Type in “)” then after that press “Enter” key

If you wish to know more about imaginary, real and complex numerals in mathematics, you can check out any topic regarding Complex Numbers.

For more information about this IMSUB function in Excel, you can visit Microsoft Office site.

Common Errors in Excel IMSUB Function:

In case you get the error from any IMSUB function in excel, it would be possible be one of these:

  • #NUM! – It happen when the supplied NUMBER argument is not identified as the complex number
  • #NAME? – It happen when the Analysis Tool Pak adds on is not allowed in the Excel. You will have to let the add-on if you like to use Excel engineering functions.

For you to perform this in Excel version 2003, you have to do the following:

  • Starting at the Tools set of choices, you have to choose the option Analysis Tool Pak and then click OK.
  • An add-on will pop out and from here, you need to choose the option Analysis Tool Pal and then click OK

For you to carry out this in Excel version 2007, you have to do the following:

  • Click Microsoft button just on top of the left spreadsheet and then choose Excel Options button
  • At the Menu, select Add on located at the left side corner
  • In Manage box, you have to choose Excel Add- Ins then click GO
  • An Add-on will pop out. From here, you have to choose option Analysis Tool Pak and then click OK

These are the things that you can do to make IMSUB function in Excel. There are still a lot of tutorials that you can find online and through Microsoft site. You can browse online and learn more about IMSUB function. Furthermore, you can also look for some more formulas to use.

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