IMSIN Excel Formula

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What is IMSIN function in excel? The Excel IMSIN functions return the cosine of the supplied compound number. The arrangement of this function is:

Format function:

= IMSIN (inumber)

It is where the number of arguments is complex number.


You have to remember that the complex numbers are just stored as the text with excel. When the text strings in format ‘a plus bi’ or ‘a plus bj’ is supplied to the Excel’s en suite complex number functions, it is interpreted as the complex number.

Additionally, the complex number function could be accepted as a easy numeric value, with this it is equivalent to the complex numbers whose imaginary co-efficient is equal to zero.

As a result, the number of argument could be supplied in Excel IMSIN functions as is:

A simple numbers or,

Complex number encase in the quotation marks,

For example:

5 + 3i


Reference to the cell containing the complex number or the numeric value or else,

Value returned from the other Excel function or a formula

Common Errors for IMSIN Function

  • #Value! – It often happen when the supplied I number argument is not identified or recognized as the imaginary or as real number
  • #Name! – It happens when the analysis tool pak add on isn’t enabled in the Excel. You will have to allow the add on if you like to use Excel engineering function

For you to do it in Excel version 2003 here are the following guidelines:

  • Go to the Tools Men
  • Then from the Tools, you have to drop down the menu
  • After that, choose for the options Add- On
  • An Add- on window will then pop out.
  • From there, you have to hit Analysis Tool Pak
  • And then, hit OK

For you to do in Excel version 2010 here are the following guidelines: 

  • First, you have to go to the button and click over the Microsoft icon that is just on top of the left of the spreadsheet
  • And the, choose the Excel option button
  • After this, From the menu that you can find on the left side, you have to hit Go
  • And then, the Add On’s window will then pop out
  • From here, you will choose options Analysis Tool Pak
  • Finally, click OK

Over-all Remarks:

For you to use the more complex functions of the IMSIN, you need to convert the real and imaginary co-efficient in the complex number

Sine for the complex number would be:

Sin (x + yi) = sin (x) cosh (y) – cos (x)  sinh (y) I

For example:

The example can be easier to learn and understand when you copy them to blank worksheet.

How to Copy Example:

  • Make a blank workbook or blank worksheet
  • Choose the example in Help topic
  • When you already choose the example from Help menu, press control PLUS C
  • In the workbook, choose cell A1 and then press CTRL + V.
  • To switch the viewing of the result and formulas which return in the result, press CTRL + ‘the grave accent or in the Formulas tab, on the Formula Auditing groups, then click Show Formulas button


= IMSIN (‘’ 3 + 4i ‘’)

Description Result:

Sine of this variable: 3 + 4i (3.853738 – 27.016813i)

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