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Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program used in entering data within tabular form to perform large variety of computations on certain data. In addition to that, Excel is also used in creating a range of various graphical charts and it also acts as database software program to search, store and retrieve data. For newer version of Microsoft Excel 2007, you can find that it is just similar with the 2003 version. Though the appearance and menu that are initially different, you can easily learn the functions of each excel program with the assistance of Help Option.

Microsoft Excel files are often called as workbook. At the same time, spreadsheet is considered as a table with columns and rows in such a way the rows are being numbered and columns are labeled with respective letters from A to Z, AA, AB, AC and so on. Each of the cells in the table contains numbers, formulas or text and more intricate kinds like dates, currencies and more.

Moreover, sheets consist of graphic elements like charts can be linked to different values within specific cells. Microsoft Excel comes from the creation of formulas performing cell calculations that contains numbers. Each time the numbers of formula changes, the formula value also changes automatically. Bear in mind that Excel will not start automatically; instead you can view strange characters when you hit right-click over the link. After this, the user should double click the downloaded icon to start the Excel. In Microsoft Excel, you have to learn and study first the basic function and formulas associated with the program. With enough knowledge, you can easily use Microsoft Excel as well as gives you convenience in using Excel spreadsheet.

IMEXP Function Description:

One of the functions that you have to learn is the IMEXP. The IMEXP function in Microsoft Excel returns exponential value of the given complex number or the a+ jb or a + ib within text format.


The syntax for the IMEXP functions as follows:

= IMEXP (iNumber)

Where, iNumber is the “complex number” that the user wants to find its exponential value.


Be sure that complex number, which the user wanted to find its exponential value is certainly entered in either a + jb or a + ib format, or else, the IMEXP function will return the “#NUM!” error value.]

When formula is being used, the IMEXP function will return the exponential value of certain complex number. Thus, the user can enter cell reference as an argument in the Excel’s IMEXP function. Therefore, this is how the user uses the Excel’s IMEXP function, which is present in the application of the Microsoft Excel 2010 in finding certain exponential value of the given multifaceted number.

IMEXP Function Example:

Here are a few examples of 4 various IMEXMP Function. The function formats are shown below:

Formulas:                                                           Results:

= IMEXMP (2)                                     7.3890569893

= IMEXMP (“1-2i”)                                       -1.1312043837

= IMEXMP (COMPLEX (1, -1))                        1.468693999

Note: In the above example, the supplied iNUmber arguments are integer 2 that is equal to complex number 2 plus 0i. You can look for more information if you browse Microsoft Office sites.

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