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When it comes to computations, one of the best programs to use is Microsoft Excel. This software program contains lots of different functions so that you can easily finish even complicated tasks. With regard to this, one of the functions that you can use in Excel is the IMABS function. There are some users who are saying that this function is no longer essential, but this is absolutely not true. The IMABS function is still very useful particularly in engineering and financial computations. If you are using Excel for this purpose, then you must learn how to use the IMABS function.

Importance of IMABS Function

The function is used to return the fixed figure of a complex integer. Since, Microsoft Excel is a program that runs through a formula, IMABS function will work once you have correctly used the formula in the worksheet. The correct syntax for the IMABS function is:


Where the number in the formula is an argument of complex number with the (a + bi) form wherein a and b are considered as real number coefficients. The IMABS function returns the exact value also called as modulus of a complex integer. For instance, IMSUB (“4+3i”) = 5. The function squares the imaginary and real number components independently sums them up and then returns back the square root as a real number. As (4+3i) equals to SQRT[(8) ^ 2 + (3i) ^ 2] equals SQRT [(16) + (9)] equals SQRT [25] = 5.

The only thing that the user needs to remember in using the function is that, the result could be thought as the gap from the graph origin up to the point where the X-axis is the real integer value and the Y-axis is the imaginary number value.

Reminder in Using IMABS Function

Aside from this, there are key pointers to remember in order to use the IMABS function efficiently and they are as follows:

  • The complex integers are saved in Excel as text. Once the text string is written in form of a+bi or a+bj is given to one of the fixed complex numeral function, it is read as a complex integer.
  • Complex integer function only allows simple value, since it is equal to a complex figure where the imaginary coefficient is equivalent to 0.
  • The number argument in the formula of the IMABS function can be supplied as a simple number, a complex number, a reference to a certain cell the contains numeric value or complex integer, or a value that is returned from another formula or function.

Now that you already know the basic of the function, you can start to try and use the function, but before doing it, listed blow are the easiest ways on how to do it:

  • Click the desired cell where you want the answer to be displayed.
  • In the cell, type in “=IMABS(“
  • Type in or click the cell reference for instance A1. After that,  type in “A1)”
  • After typing in or clicking the cell, press enter.
  • The answer will automatically appear in the cell where the formula was typed in.

In order to avoid errors make sure that the formula are written correctly. Moreover, the Analysis ToolPak should be enabled in your Excel spreadsheet before you can use the IMABS function.

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