IMABS Excel Formula

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Microsoft Excel helps us in our daily simple and complex computations. This is possible because of the Excel functions. These functions are shortened and simplified for a more convenient and easy way to do calculations.

Microsoft Excel is software application distributed by Microsoft. Excel allows you to do graphs and pivot tables, compute and calculate values, and do Visual Basic Applications. You can manage your records and data in Excel, do inventory, corporate budgeting and other related activities.

The functions in Excel are Text Functions, Logical Functions, Database Functions, Math Functions, Statistical Functions, Engineering Functions, and many others. These functions are the grouped into smaller groups for easy recognition. Also, these functions will lessen your burden in using the long formulas and functions in a specific filed. For example, Engineering functions are used to calculate Binary Numbers, Bessel Functions up to the conversion of different bases.

Another Engineering function is known as IMABS function which allows you to return the absolute values of a given numerical value.

If you encounter the #NAME? error while using any of function then you must first enable and load Analysis Tool Pak Add-Ins. For you to perform this, select first the Tools in the menu bar and choose the Add-Ins. After, select in the Add-Ins list the Analysis Tool Pak and hit the OK option.

The syntax of MABS function include:


…wherein the argument Inumber refers to the value of complex number which you wan absolute value. Remember that to use when you use complex you will convert imaginary and real coefficients to complex number.

Value of the Inumbers argument could be simple numbers or complex numbers which must be enclosed in quotation mark. In addition, the Inumber value can also be source cell which can have the simple or complex number. A numerical value, which has been returned by an Excel formula or function, can also be a value of Inumber argument.

Open a blank Excel worksheet or spreadsheet to try the function. In cell A1 input the formula =IMABS (“5+12i”) which will give a value of 13. This means that absolute value 5+12i is 13. Also, try to input the formula =IMABS (6) and the result of it will be 6. This means that the absolute values, the number 6 is also 6.

If you would like to view the formula of the results, you can do this by hitting the Ctrl+` (grave accent) keys. Also, by hitting Formulas tab and in it select Formula Auditing groups options and from it hit the button which says Show Formulas.

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