How to Link Chart Titles to Cells in the Spreadsheet

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There are many features available in Microsoft Excel that could help you in making your presentations. One of the features is that you can make use of charts in presenting numerical data. There are a lot of choices of charts that you can use which includes column, line, pie, etc. Also, when you decide to change your data, the data of your chart will automatically be changed or updated. You do not need to refresh the workspace.

In inserting a chart, click on option on the Insert tab Chart group. Choose then the type of chart you feel convenient. The type of chart you will be using can also be presented in a 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional form. Sub-types of bars are also seen in the selection. Also, excel allows you to collaborate different charts in one worksheet.

Likewise, before you start anything with linking charts to cells first learn the basics. There are a lot of components in a chart. Some are already shown in a default chart while the other components can be added. First, the chart are refers to the entire chart. Next, the plot area is where the axis, title, and marks are seen and located. The next area is the data points where the variables are plotted and is now represented by a bar, line, pie etc. The data series connects the data points in the chart. The axis, horizontal and vertical contains the variables an the categories of the data. The box which contains the designated color or patterns for your data is called the legend. The one that contains the titles of the chart or charts is the title. Lastly, you have the data label which is used to classify the information regarding you variables.

In order for you to add a title on a current chart or an axis you have to select the chart sheet first and select on where you want the title to be placed. Select and click-on the Chart menu and select Chart Options. Take heed that the Chart menu will only be available if you are able to select an existing chart. Now, find the Titles tabs and enter the title which you think is right for the title box. If you wan to insert a line break on your existing chart title, just pint on the on the chart title and hit enter to begin editing. This is also the same if you want change the font style and font size of you current title. Also, if you want to format the current text, click on the Format menu and select Selected Chart Tittles or Selected Axis Title. Likewise, in changing the font click on Font tab and select on the format you prefer.

Now, on linking your current or existing chart or axis to a worksheet cell click first the chart sheet or the embedded chart. The chart sheet is the workbook that only has the chart. Having a separate sheet for your table is useful when you view the chart. Also, the embedded chart is the chart which you have on your worksheet together with the data. This will also be useful if you plan to print your data together with the table.

After, select on the formula bar and input an equal sign. The formula bar is where you get to input or change the variables and formulas in a selected cell. This is found at top of the workplace on the Excel. Also, you can enter a reference for you worksheet. This includes the name of the work sheet, then an exclamation point, and hit enter.

Also, linking chart title to worksheets could come very handy if you are using the same chart mostly or at the same time. This will automatically change your existing data which will make the two simultaneously relate. There are a lot of links you can have on your chart such as chart title, the X-axis and Y-axis title in secondary and primary form, and the different labels of data. Having charts on your worksheet is helpful in presenting your numerical data in large numbers be understood easily.

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