HEX2OCT Excel Formula

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One of the programs in Windows and Macintosh frequently used by its user is the Microsoft Excel. It is used to organize and store data. This program is used in computing equations involving engineering, financial, mathematical and other operations. When it comes to engineering computation, an engineering function should be learned and understand for Excel to be used worry-free. One of the important functions used in solving engineering problem is the HEX2OCT. By reading the entire article, you will able to obtain the basic information about HEX2OCT function.

When is HEX2OCT Function Used?

The function is utilized when a hexadecimal value should be altered to an octal number. In this, the hexadecimal value is being represented by varchar and the octal figure is being represented by string also called as varchar.

HEX2OCT Syntax

Regarding the function, you need to carry out and execute it on the Excel worksheet with correct formula. The correct formula to be used for the application of the function is:

=HEX2OCT(number, [places])

Understanding more the formula, the number on the formula is the value of the hexadecimal that you desire to change to an octal value. While the places on the formula are considered as optional argument, the type in value determines the number of digits needed to obtain the revisited octal value. Once the places are higher than the least value, then the octal integer is padded out utilizing leading zeros. Once there’s no figure type in the answer, then make use of the least places of number.

Key Notes

In order to effectively use the function, there are certain details that you need to pay attention. With this, errors are obtained the least:

  • Make sure that the arguments are recognized as hexadecimal number. Once it is not a valid, the hexadecimal integer of the function will not be read.
  • The hexadecimal numbers that is inside the recognized range must be embodied by string made up of 16 characters exclusive of the optional ‘0x’ prefix or until 18 characters which include the ‘0x’ prefix. It is not required to contain leading zeros.
  • The good thing about the function is that it is not sensitive to any cases. Excel could read formula written in lower, upper or combed case.
  • User should also note that the function should only be utilized having hexadecimal number string representations. Once you used literally hexadecimal without placing it inside the quotes then it will be read by SQL as numeral.  With this, HEX2OCT is not used but rather DECV2OCT function.
  • The octal value inside the recognized range is embodied by string until 22 characters and leading zeros are no longer added.
  • The least and utmost range of conversion is from -9,223,372,036,854,775,808 until +9,223,372,036,854,775,807.
  • The number above is written in hexadecimal as 0×8000000000000000 until 0x7fffffffffffffff. While in octal it is written as 1000000000000000000000 until 777777777777777777777.

It is very important to take note all of these, to make sure to use the function correctly. Once there are errors obtained, check the formula and the data typed in. Check also if the Analysis ToolPak is enabled from the worksheet.

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