HEX2BIN Excel Formula

When we talked about Microsoft Excel, the first thing that comes to our mind is the use of a spreadsheet that manages and saves data that we accomplished. This program is considered as one of the best means to keep records. It arranges data in tables so it could be easily manage. Since Excel is a great tool in saving data, you should be conscious of and learn the different functions of the program to easily use it. When it comes to engineering problems, one of the most important functions to learn is the HEX2BIN function.

What is the Use of HEX2BIN Function?

The function changes hexadecimal number into binary number. This function is usually use in engineering computation. Excel develops this function to help out in some computations of engineering statistics and data to be easily done.

HEX2BIN Excel Function Formula

=HEX2BIN(number, [places])

When using HEX2BIN, the formula and the value should be written correctly to avoid further error.

Understanding the Formula

number – this is a needed argument for the function. It is the hexadecimal value desired to the change into a binary figure. The value to be converted must not exceed the 10 characters or bit. The most important character is the sign bit, while the remaining 9 characters are identified as magnitude bits.

places – this is a not obligatory argument. It corresponds to the character numbers desired to utilize to represent the changed hexadecimal number. Once the place has no value, then the function will utilize the last value of characters needed to represent the changed hexadecimal figure.

How HEX2BIN Function Use

In doing the example below, start from the A1 cell.

=HEX2BIN( “2″ ) – 10

=HEX2BIN( “0000000001″ ) – 1

=HEX2BIN( “2″, 10 ) – 0000000010

=HEX2BIN( “FFFFFFFFF0″ ) – 1111110000

=HEX2BIN( “1D” ) – 11101

Just to understand more the example, the given example on the fourth line, is a negative hexadecimal and binary values and they are embodied by two complement notation.

Below are some of the examples on how to do HEX2BIN function in Excel:

Important Details to Note in Doing HEX2BIN Function

  • Once the number of argument is in negative form, the function will disregard the value of places and revisit a 10 bit binary and decimal integer.
  • Once the value is an invalid hexadecimal digit, the result of the function is #NUM error value.
  • Once HEX2Bin function asks for the more than places of character, the result given by the function is #NUM value.
  • Once number and places has value that is not numeric, the answer is #VALUE!.
  • When the places value is negative form, the result for the function is #NUM.
  • It is necessary that in using HX2BIN function, the number vale must not be less than FFFFFFFE00 and bigger than 1FF.

Now that you have already an idea on how HEX2BIN function is used, it is better to start trying to do the given examples above to figure out how it is done. The key indicator to easily use HEX2BIN function is to observe the formula and the needed value. Moreover, be familiar of the common errors to correct the work and obtain right conversion.


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