GESTEP Excel Formula

Microsoft Excel is the kind of spreadsheet program for Macintosh and Windows computers. It is a part of Microsoft Office grouping. This includes PowerPoint for Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word, and other different productivity programs. It is a software program, which integrates in creating powerful tool to present financial information. Thus, it is also part of the Microsoft Excel to make existing information and gather it the easier allowing for the advanced functions of the spreadsheet. The main or major part of the Microsoft Excel is called the spreadsheet or worksheet wherein you can view the entire activity of the data formulation of Microsoft Excel. It is usually consist of three worksheets or spreadsheet by default.

By controlling the view of your worksheet, you have to switch between the open workbook in cascading manner or filing the open windows. You can freeze column row onscreen headings for the data’s simplified entry. Moreover, the user can hide a row or column of the confidential information. Thus, you can also do the freezing of rows and columns using the formula in Excel. The unhidden and hiding of the rows and columns can simply be specified.

The other one is the data and formula analysis, which allows easy and quick calculations. Charts are also part of Excel wherein it is responsible for the data calculated and entered that is used in creating charts such as line, pie charts, bar charts, column and many others. Formatting in Excel, on the other hand, is responsible in allowing the cell formatting for number formats, print formatting and conditional formatting, which is based on the calculation results. Cells are easy to highlight using various fonts and colors.

Microsoft Excel has various Formulas and functions, which are often used in financial, engineering, mathematical and arithmetic analysis. These functions are very important along with the formulas to formulate, calculate, analyze and many various things that you can do with these things in Microsoft Excel. Formulas and functions can be used in several Excel problems encountered with the users to create their data. One of the functions that are being used in Excel is the GESTEP function. This is a kind of function which is often used in engineering.

GESTEP function n Microsoft Excel returns one, if number is equal or more than the step value and eventually come back to zero. The syntax for GESTEP function is equal to GESTEP(number,[step]). Step is considered as the threshold quantity in its syntax. Number is considered as the value to check against its step value.


The GESTEP function is removed from the Excel’s add-in Analysis ToolPak and it is now available as standard in Excel 2007. In Excel 2003, this function is only available when you download the Excel add-in Analysis Toolpak. If any of the argument is not numeric then GESTEP functions in Excel returns the error value of the formula #VALUE! GESTEP function in Microsoft Excel calculates the values count, which exceed to the threshold. This function is utilized to sort out or filter values.

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