FLOOR Excel Formula

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In Windows and Macintosh, one of the frequently used programs is Microsoft Excel. This program is an electronic spreadsheet that is very efficient in managing numbers. Because of this, the program becomes the top spreadsheet program utilized around the globe. Since this is widely used worldwide, exchanging of files can be easily done by everyone. You don’t have to worry in using this with other programs like presentation program, word processing and group’s database. While you are working with spreadsheet, there are functions to consider to successfully done it. These functions are more beneficial once the program is used for calculation.

If you are using Microsoft Excel for computation, you must learn and understand the FLOOR function. This is the function that can round off certain number from zero to the closest multiple of a particular number. For instance, the result of total value of the function is equal or less than to the original given number.

FLOOR function formula:

=FLOOR(number, significance)

In Microsoft Excel it is very important to know the formula or the syntax of a certain function; this is because Excel read certain mathematical operation through its function.

FLOOR Function Formula Representation:

  • number – this is the value of the number desired to round off.
  • significance -  refers to the value of the multiple which is desired to round off.

After identifying the formula, try to do the example below for you to learn how to use the FLOOR function in Excel.

On your spreadsheet enter the following data starting from A1 cell, the multiple for the all the positive integers is 1 while the negative integers is -10.

  1. 26.89
  2. 56.23
  3. 85.965
  4. 547.856
  5. 251.25
  6. -26.89
  7. -56.23
  8. -85.965
  9. -547.856
  10. -251.25
  • To compute for the value of round off, click the cell on the side of the given value. The empty cell will be the location where to display the answer.
  • On the empty cell type for the FLOOR syntax which is =FLOOR(number, significance).
  • For the value of number and significance click the reference cell of the value of the arguments.
  • After placing all the values required, press the enter key and the instantaneously the value will appear on the empty cell.

The following are the obtained answers:

  1. 26.89 = 26
  2. 56.23 = 56
  3. 85.965 = 85
  4. 547.856 = 547
  5. 251.25 = 251
  6. -26.89 = 20
  7. -56.23 = 50
  8. -85.965 = 80
  9. -547.856 = 540
  10. -251.25 = 250

Key Notes

There are certain details that users should be aware of and they are as follows:

  • The value of the significance should have similar sign with the value of number in the argument.
  • Once #NUM! error appears as the result, it indicates that wrong value of number or significance was keyed in.
  • If #DIV/0! shows up it means that the supplied number on significance is equals to zero.
  • If ever #VALUE! appears this means that the entered value on number and significance argument is not a valid numerical figure.

Errors are normally obtained in using FLOOR function in Excel but it could be handled easily once the user knows how to figure out why error occurs.

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