FACTDOUBLE Excel Formula

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Microsoft excel is identified as spreadsheet application which is usually utilized to manage and display numerical data. The program gives data organization and tools in analysis that enables users to extract, sort and create charts from worksheet data. Microsoft Excel has different versions but the commonly used versions are Microsoft Excel 2003 and Microsoft 2007. No matter what kind of version the user will utilize, they must acquire the knowledge and learn the different functions of it. These functions are the reasons that make the computation of Excel be quickly and easily done.

When using Excel in accounting, engineering and other mathematical computation, one of the functions that you should be familiar with is the FACTDOUBLE function. This is the function that computes the double factorial of a certain number. In order for Microsoft Excel program to read the function as FACTDOUBLE, the syntax to use is:

=FACTDOUBLE(number) wherein the number is the value of the positive number desired to compute the double factorial. Once the value of number is not an integer then that value is truncated. Every user should be familiar with the different syntax and codes as every function contains their own formula. Moreover, users should learn the syntax function since Microsoft Excel is a program that runs in concurrence with formula.

To effectively use the FACTDOUBLE function, here are the things to consider:

  • Once the number is not a numerical value, then the outcome of FACTDOUBLE function is equals to #VALUE!.
  • Once the value of number on the argument is negative, then the FACTDOUBLE function result is equals to #NUM.
  • When the value is even for instance, n!! is equals to n(n – 2)(n – 4)….(4)(2)
  • Once the value is odd for example, n!! is equals to n(n – 2)(n – 4)….(3)(1)

FACTDOUBLE Function Example

Looking at the example below, this can aid you more to understand the function.

Compute the double factorial value of the different integers written below:

  1. 6!!
  2. 7!!
  3. 10!!

To use Microsoft Excel in solving for the problem here are the ways on how to do it:

On Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, enter the value 6, 7 and 10 but without the double fractional symbol. Ensure to place the different integer on different cells.

  • Once the value is typed in, click for an empty cell where to place the answer. Start computing the double fractional value of 6!!.
  • From the cell, enter the FACTDOUBLE syntax which is =FACTDOUBLE(number). On the number argument, click the reference cell of 6!!.
  • Once all the required code and value are set in, press the enter key.
  • After pressing the enter key, automatically the answer will appear on the click cell. The 6!! Double fractional value is equals to 48.
  • In solving for the double fractional value of 7!! and 10!!, repeat the procedures done in computing for 6!!.
  • The double fractional of 7!! is equals to 105 and for 10!! the answer is 3840.

If there are errors obtained in doing the above example, check for your syntax because there might be some data that are wrongly placed.

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