EXPONDIST Excel Formula

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Microsoft Excel is a software program application manufactured and developed by Microsoft Corporation. It allows Excel users to format, calculate and organize data with various formulas using the system of worksheet or spreadsheet which is composed of columns and rows. Microsoft Excel is easy to understand and learn, just focus cautiously on its functions and formulas to obtain better output. Initially, the user should gain knowledge of the basics on how to use the Microsoft Excel and other software program like Microsoft and Calc.

Microsoft Excel is known to be the most flexible spreadsheet program application, which helps most users with complex and simple math calculations. Moreover, the user will be surprised in what all the functions can truly help them. Learning all the formulas which the user attempts to know especially about advanced and scientific graphing calculators which is also calculable or suitable in Microsoft Excel. Such equation is considered the exponent calculation, which is known to be the EXP formula in Microsoft Excel.

In Microsoft Excel, the EXPONDIST Function is used in finding exponential distribution. Additionally, it is used in creating time model like the time amount between the resulting event and the starting event. Creating a graph for Microsoft excel is widely used for this function. This chart function is considered as one of the most useful function that any user can utilize.


  • The user must understand the syntax of EXPONDIST function, which is the “EXPONDIST(x,lambda,cumulative)”.
  • Place the certain values to its proper cell or designation. Thus, x variable definitely represents certain value of the EXPONDIST function. “Lambda” is considered the distribution’s parameter value. Thus, cumulative is considered the switch of FALSE and TRUE. FALSE returns the function of probability density and TRUE returns the function of cumulative distribution.
  • Sometimes, user utilizes such integers whenever it is possible. The formula makes mistakes occasionally with high abstract values.
  • Watch out for the #VALUE! error. Anytime, it will happen as lambda or the x variable is considered as non-numeric value.
  • Be cautious of the #NUM! errors. Thus, the user can get errors at all times, with the x variable, which is less than zero or even when the lambda is equal or less than zero.


Upon using the FALSE and TRUE variable, the user can substitute the numeral one for the TRUE value then number zero for FALSE value.

In Microsoft Excel, the EXPONDIST function returns its exponential distribution. This function is utilized in representing the time involving events, and such example of this is the time consumed by an automated bank cashier to transport cash. With EXPONDIST function, you can determine and verify the probability of how long the process took place at most of a minute.


EXPONDIST function is being replaced of one or more latest functions, which provides an improved accuracy that reflects the name of their usage. However, EXPONDIST function remains available in having the backward compatibility. Thus, the user is ought to consider the use of new functions. Since EXPONDIST function in Microsoft Excel might not be available in the some future versions of the Microsoft Excel.

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