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At the present modernity of the world, people are faced with numerous complex assignments that need to be accomplished. Unfortunately, they cannot do these complex tasks by using the manual techniques. Luckily, there is an available computer program that provides a convenient way to complete these tasks. Nowadays, one of the most commonly used computer programs throughout the whole world is Microsoft Excel. Excel contains a lot of powerful functions making it suitable for the accomplishment of complex assignments. It helps a lot of people to deal with the growing complexity of their work.

Most probably, you might have learned about the various techniques in using the functions in Excel. Some of these functions are the VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP and MATCH which are commonly employed to help in the retrieval of data especially when you are dealing with large sets of data. There is also another kind of function available in MS Excel that will allow you in comparing data contained in two different cells. This called is called as Exact function. For a better understanding, this article provides you a brief overview of Exact function and how it is used in MS excel. On the other hand, if you would like to learn more about it, read on.

Overview of EXACT Functions in MS Excel

Microsoft Excel offers a convenient way to search for matching data between multiple cells. By the use of Exact function, it is possible to find the exact match between any 2 cells. You need to enter in Exact functions formula. The 2 cells are going to be matched and the function will return the value which is either a FALSE or a TRUE. One good thing about EXACT functions is, it’s case sensitive. It returns the result “TRUE” only if the case of both cells is exactly the same.

How to Use EXACT Function with MS Excel?

This article will teach you the comparison of contents 2 cells in MS Excel by utilizing the EXACT Excel function. One good thing is which you can employ this particular function in proceeding manner to attain more customized data. However, this article will provide the most fundamental usage of EXACT function for the comparison of contents of cells in an Excel spreadsheet.

  • Of course, the first thing to do is to launch Microsoft Excel.
  • Then you can easily create some randomized data. Type in the following values in the provided cells:

A1: basketball, A2: football, A3: football, B1: baseball

  • After doing that, you now have 1 row of information in column B and3 rows of information column A. Take note that A2 as well as A3 contain the same data which is “football”.
  • Then you can now diffirentiate various cell. In cell C2, you can enter the syntax forEXACT function for the comparison of cells. The functions’ formula include:

=EXACT (cell1, cell2)

  • In the formula, you can assign any 2 cells with cell1 or cell2 argument. Now, type in this formula in cell C2.

=EXACT (A1, A2)

  • After you enter the formula, you will get to see that the result in C2 is FALSE, since cell A1 is not equivalent to cells A2. Cell A1 contains basketball while cell A2 contains football. Next, make some changes in formula in C2, you could do it this way:

=EXACT (A2, A3)

  • ·After you enter theformula, you will now see that the result in cell C2 is TRUE. Of course, this is the value you want since cells A2/ A3 definitely contain the same data, which is “football”.
  • You can utilize the EXACT functions to compare a value of a cell with some lists of cell. As an example, in case you like to evaluate the content of cell B1 along withcontents of cells A3, A2 and A1, you could employ this syntax:

=EXACT (A1:A3, B1)

EXACT functions are one of the useful functions of Microsoft Excel. The article has provided you some of the basic concepts about this function. There are still a lot of functions contained in this powerful computer software that offer several benefits to the user. You can go for further readings since several articles are widely spread especially on the internet in which you can get lots of information.

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