ERF Excel Formula

Most probably, everyone knows about Microsoft Excel. It is one of the most popular software programs created and designed by the Microsoft Company to meet the needs of the people to accomplish their tasks. Microsoft Excel is known as a spreadsheet generating, printing and maintenance program which are created by Microsoft. This is normally sold and distributed as one of the MS Office set of products which include Microsoft PowerPoint and Word. Excel software, the most common spreadsheet software used by most businesses worldwide. Spreadsheet applications such as Excel permit the users to input data and numbers into a huge table of cells in any arrangement desired by the user.

Microsoft Excel is often used in creating reports, forms as well as calculations. Alphabetical, mathematical and other Excel functions are mostly available to manage data. The file format for spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel became the global standard, which is due to the increasing popularity of Excel in the business industry. It is considered as a powerful and extraordinary spreadsheet application with several customization and programmable options that most users didn’t even utilize. This spreadsheet software is commonly utilized for sales and accounting reports, check reconciliation, personal ledgers and loss and profit statements. This is sometimes used for more ordinary tasks such as word processing, simple calculation, and flyer and sign design.

You need to study and learn several things in Microsoft Excel. Therefore, it is the easiest way in order for you to use Microsoft Excel easily. One thing that you have to keep in mind is study first the basics of Excel. If the user knows the basic, then he can easily operate the spreadsheet software. In studying Microsoft Excel, you have to know the Excel parts, functions and formulas in it. Once you learned on how to formulate, calculate and analyze data, then you can now use the software to accomplish your tasks. In Microsoft Excel, you will encounter several functions and formulas, however, you need to analyze and understand each of them. One the Excel’s functions are the ERF function.

The Excel ERF function computes for the error function, which is integrated between the two supplied limits. The syntax of Excel’s ERF function is ERF(lower_limit,[upper_limit]).

The following are the arguments in the ERF function formula:

  • “Lower_limit” is considered the lower limit of the integral. If there is no upper limit supplied, the function returns the integral of the error function between zero and the supplied lower limit.
  • Upper limit an optional argument in which it gives the integral’s upper limit. If this argument is being omitted, the function returns the integral of the error function between zero and the supplied lower limit.

The ERF Function has been improved in Excel 2010 so negative function arguments are now accepted. Common Errors for Excel’s ERF function are as follows #NAME?, #NUM and #VALUE!.

  • “#VALUE!” occurs if any of the arguments being supplied are non-numeric.
  • #NUM!” occurs when the supplied arguments carry a negative sign.
  • “#NAME?” occurs when the analysis of “ToolPak add-in is not activated in your Excel spreadsheet.

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