DOLLARDE Excel Formula

The DOLLARDE function of Excel is a function which can convert the fraction dollar price into a decimal number dollar price. You can use this function for converting the fractional dollar numbers to the decimal numbers; as for example securities prices. If the DOLLARDE function is not in your program, then you will have to install and load the add-in – Analysis ToolPak. For installation of the add-in, go to the tools menu, and then click on the Add-ins. Then before clicking ok select the box Analysis ToolPak. However, in Excel 2007 and 10, the path may be a little bit different. Click on the Microsoft button, then click the button Excel Options; then select Add-Ins, then select Excel Add-Ins, then click Go, then select the Analysis ToolPak, then click ok. In case of necessary, the instructions of the setup program should be followed. If the process does not work, then contact the Microsoft site.

The output that will be given by a function depends on the syntax of the function. Necessary value should be supplied there by maintaining all the rules to get the accurate result. The syntax of the DOLLARDE function is as follows – “DOLLARDE(fractional_dollar,fraction)”. Just two arguments are here fractional_dollar and fraction. The term fractional_dollar denotes the number which is expressed in fraction. The term fraction denotes the integer that is used in the fraction’s denominator. As for example, the function DOLLARDE(1.01,16) will return the value 1.0625; whereas DOLLARDE(1.1,16) will return the value 1.625. For more examples you can visit the Microsoft site.

For this function DOLLARDE, some remarks are stated here. If the fraction is non integer, it will be truncated. If fraction < 0, the DOLLARDE function will return an error value (#NUM!). If the fraction is zero, the function will return an error value (#DIV/0). The function will give an error value (#DIV/0!) if the fraction ? 0 and < 1. These things should be considered when the function will be used. There are many functions in the Excel program. To make the output more significant the function can be used with other functions. In such cases, more cautions should be maintained as a single mistake can harass you for days.

If a function can be used properly, it will reduce the work load of an organization. Where an employee will take several minutes or hours to calculate the data according to certain formula, a function will do that within the fraction of a moment. You should be familiar with the terms used in the function to apply the function in the database effectively. The syntax should be followed properly. In case of the database, the values will be in the cell; all the cells or a specific cell should be denoted properly as stated in the syntax. After making the database, the functions should be checked whether they are working properly and giving accurate result. Then you can start to use for your organizational purpose. There are also some other factors which should be considered before starting to use a database program officially. You can find them in the articles related building database.

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