DELTA Excel Formula

Microsoft Excel is a software program manufactured and developed by Microsoft Corporation allowing the Excel users to format, calculate and organize data with various formulas using the system of worksheet or spreadsheet, which is composed of columns and rows. Microsoft office excel comes bundled with different kinds of software programs of Microsoft Office which it is also compatible with other software applications offered by various product grouping. Additionally, Multiplan is the first software program, which is similar to the Microsoft Excel. Thus, this was released in 1982.

Microsoft Excel is easy to learn and understand, just try to focus and study carefully the functions and formulas of the said software program. First, the user must have to learn the basics on how to use the Microsoft Excel and other software program like Microsoft and Calc. In addition, the user must know how to create a professional and effective looking worksheet or spreadsheet. In Microsoft Excel, there are nine parts, which is viewed on screen when you open the worksheet or a spreadsheet. These are the quick Access Excel toolbar, file tab, ribbon, and formula bar, name box, column letters, active cells, row numbers and sheet tabs.

The active cell is recognized as the black outline where data is plainly entered inside the active cell. File tab is the replacement of the office button in Microsoft Excel 2007. Formula bar is found above the spreadsheet. Name box is just located beside the formula bar and it displays the cell reference of one active cell. Column letters is where the columns vertically run on the spreadsheet also identified by a single letter located in its column header.

Row numbers is the horizontally run rows within the worksheet and are being identified by a single number located in its row header. Both column and row number created cell reference. Sheet tabs are having three worksheets by default in one Excel File. Quick access toolbar allows the user in adding frequently the different used commands. Ribbon is considered the strips of icon and button, which is located at the work area. This is being organized in three tab series, which is known as the home, formulas and files.

The second step that you have to learn is the basic of various formulas and functions of the Microsoft Excel. One of them is the DELTA excel function. This Microsoft Excel function describes the syntax formula and its usage. It describes the tests whether both of the two values are significantly equal. DELTA excel function returns the one if the number1 is equal to number2; thus it has to return zero if it is necessary. The user must have to use the DELTA excel function in filtering a set of significant values. DELTa is known as the “Kronecker Delta Function”. The syntax for DELTA function in Microsoft Excel is “DELTA (number1,number2)”. It has the following arguments. Number1 is the first number, which is required. Number2 is second number, which is optional so if it is omitted, number2 is considered to be zero.

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