DEC2BIN Excel Formula

When we point out about Microsoft Excel, the first adjective that comes to anyone’s mind is saving, managing and organizing data or figures. This is definitely true. Microsoft Excel is an excellent way to create and formulate any database. Here, information are arrange in a table form. But with regards to the program, it is essential to know its function to make it very useful particularly for engineering computation. One of the functions of Excel that you need to be familiar with is the DEC2BIN. What is DEC2Bin function? How it is use in Excel?

What is DEC2BIN Function?

The function changes decimal number to its equivalent binary value. This is a very essential function particularly in programming since the machine language is done in binary; however, majority of the people utilize the decimal system.

Formula Information

The formula of DEC2BIN is written as =DEC2BIN(number, places). With this, the number is equal to the decimal integer you like to change. Once the number is in negative form, valid place values are neglected and the DEC2Bin result goes back to 10 character binary figure in which most of the essential bit is identified as sign bit. The left behind 9 characters are called as magnitude bits. Numbers in negative forms are represented utilizing two complement notations.

Additionally, the places in the formula are number of the bits to use. Once the place has no written value, DEC2BIN function utilizes the least number of significant characters. Places are valuable for padding the value returned with leading 0s.

Things Needed to Know About the Function:

  • Once the value is less than -512 or the number is greater than 511, the outcome is #NUM error.
  • #VALUE error comes out, once the number is not numeric.
  • #NUM error could also appear once the function needs greater characters places.
  • The function is truncated, once the places are not integer.
  • #NUM error also comes out once the places has negative or zero value.

To avoid errors in DEC2BIN function and formula, input value should be correct, allowed and accepted by Excel program since there are values or characters that Excel could not read. Once an error value appears, check the type in formula. Aside from the formula, make sure that the program needed in using the function is enabled from the worksheet you are running.

How to Use DEC2BIN Function:

Below are the basic examples of DEC2BIN function.

=DEC2BIN(2) – 10 – Result is 1*2 + 0

=DEC2BIN( 2, 10 ) – 0000000010 – Result is equal to 1*2 + 0

=DEC2BIN( -2 ) – 1111111110 – Outcome is Result is -2^9 + 2^8 + 2^7 + … + 2 + 0

=DEC2BIN( 6 ) – 110 – Answer is 2^2 + 2 + 0

In using DEC2BIN, the user must learn the formula and the common error associated to ensure of obtaining the correct result. Moreover, any person should be familiar on how the function is being analyzed. Inputting the correct formula, you can type in and acquire 100 percent correct answer. Study the example written above and learn how the function is used.

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