DAYS360 Excel Formula

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Excel Date and Time Functions are pre-installed in Excel to help in working with dates and time. The function will also help you understand dates, times which are installed in Excel, and use it in data storage. However, some of the new functions are not available in the earlier versions of Excel.

One of the Excel Date and Time Function is DAYS 360 function, it return the numbers of day between 2 dates which is base on 360 days per year within the 12 months. This function is also helpful in calculating payments basing on the 12 months and 30 days. Syntax for this function includes:


…wherein the argument Start_date, end_date refers to two dates that you like to learn the days in between. The DAYS360 value will turn into negative if the Start_date argument happens right after the end_date argument.

The Method argument refers to the FALSE or TRUE argument. The FALSE argument refers toU.S methods that if the argument start_date is last days of the given month then it will becomes equal in similar month which is 30. And if the end_date argument is the lasts month-day and the start_date is not later that the 30th ending date will be the first day of next month. For the TRUE argument, it refers toEuropean method wherein the start_date argument and the end_date argument that happens on 31st of its month it will automatically be equals to 30th of given month.

Take heed that in Excel dates are stored in sequential serial number so that it could be used for calculations.

As an example, open an Excel worksheet or spreadsheet and input the date 1/30/2008 in cell A2 and the date 2/1/2008 in cell A3. Input the formula as =DAYS360 (A2, A3) and the result will be 1. This means that difference between the given two dates 1 which is based in the 360 days per year.

If you like to view, again the formula of your results then hit the Ctrl+` (grave accent) keys. In addition, you can do this by selecting the Formulas tab, in it select the Formula Auditing group, and hit the Show Formulas option.

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