DATEVALUE Excel Formula

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Excel allows you to work on dates and times by the aid of Excel Date and Time Functions. The function will help you to understand the pre-installed time and dates in Excel.

One of the functions of Excel Date and Time is DATEVALUE function, which allows you to convert date represented in text to Excel date. In this manner, the function will convert the texts string of date to a number representation in Excel Date and Time function.

syntax for DATEVALUE funciton include:

=DATEVALUE (date_text)

…wherein the argument Date_text refers to the text or string of texts that is represented as date in format of Excel. In addition, take heed that dates in Excel are store in sequentials serial numbers which can also be employed in computations. Most of the functions immediately are converted dates values into serial numbers.

Open a blank Excel spreadsheet or worksheet and input the following functions. In cell A1 input the function DATEVALUE (“9/22/2008″) and results will be 39682. The result means that serial numbers of the given date in the 19000 date system has value of 39682. Input another example as =DATEVALUE (“22-SEPT-2008″) in cell A2 and result will be 39682. In cell, A3 input formula,

=DATEVALUE (“2009/02/23″)

and result will be 39501. Result is from serial numbers of the given date in text which used date system of 1900. Lastly, input formula,


in cell A4 and result will be 39634. The result was from text date in serial number wherein date system of 1900 was used with the assumption that the clock built-in of the computer is set to 2008.

If you like to show the formula from the results select first the cells and hit the Ctrl+` (grave accent) keys. In addition, you can do that by hitting Formulas tab and in Formula Auditing select Show Formulas option.

Moreover, if #VALUE! Error occurs while using the function this means that the given Date_text arguments is an invalid Excel date.

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