BIN2HEX Excel Formula

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To convert binary numbers to hexadecimal number, or converting base 2 numbers to base 16 you can use BIN2HEX function in Excel. The language used in computer programming are binary but are greatly represented by hexadecimal numbers. Hexadecimal characters are composed of numbers from 0-9 which are followed by the alphabets A to F.

Before using function, first load and install the Analysis ToolPak. This is through selecting the Add-Ins on the Tools menu. Next, select from the list on Add-Ins list the Analysis ToolPak and click on OK. There are also available instructions and setup in the program.

The syntax of the function or the series of arguments for the BIN2HEX function is BIN2HEX (value [, precision]). The value on the function is the binary number which is to be converted while the precision can be left blank. Precision here represents the minimum digits of the return value.

You can try the function be opening a blank Excel worksheet. Input the function =BIN2HEX (11111011, 4) on the A1 cell. This will return to 00FB wherein 1111 in binary form is F in hexadecimal and 1011 is a binary and is B in hexadecimal.

Take note that if the value is an invalid binary number or contains 10 bits or more an error will occur which is #NUM. A negative character will be ignored and the BIN2HEX function will return to a hexadecimal number with ten characters. In addition, if the places are not an integer, non-numerical, and are negative an error will occur.

To view the results and to view the formulas with the results you can press Ctrl+` (grave accent). You can also do this by clicking on the Formulas tab and in the Formula Auditing group select on the Show Formula button. All the Best!

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