BIN2DEC Excel Formula

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Microsoft excel is an extremely useful application program. it is widely utilized by people all around the globe. The BIN2DEC function helps you to convert an existing binary number to a decimal number. This conversion is very helpful in programming because the languages that machines use are binary unlike in humans, we use decimals.

To install the Analysis ToolPak add-in goes to the workspace on the Excel. Find the Add-Ins in the Tools menu. There are a lot of available choices in the Add-Ins list, select from the list the Analysis ToolPak and hit OK. If you are having problems in doing this, you can check the instructions available in the setup menu.

The syntax or series of arguments for a BIN2DEC is the BIN2DEC (value). The space provided for the value is where you put the binary number to be converted to decimal. The number must contain lesser than 10 characters. The sign bit is the most significant character while the remaining 9 characters are the magnitude bits. The value will be in error form which is #VALUE! If the arguments contains a non-binary number or if contains more than 10 character or bits.

Try the formula be opening a blank worksheet on Excel. Select the A1 cell and input =BIN2DEC (1100100) the result will be 100. To view the results and view the formulas press Ctrl+` (grave accent). This can also be done clicking on the Formulas, choose the Formula Auditing and choose the button of the Show Formulas.

The BIN2DEC can be evaluated by the representation of each bit in the position. On the rightmost position the bits starts by 2 beginning with zero and increases by 1 on every position on the left. The first position is the number of 1s; the second position is the 2s and so on.

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