BETAINV Excel Formula

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There are different functions provided by Excel for different computation process. One of these functions is the Statistical Function which gives the user the ability to compute mean, median and mode, statistical distribution and other statistical calculation. However, some of these functions are not installed in the earlier versions of Excel.

The function BETAINV is under the Excel Statistical Function which allows you to calculate the cumulative beta probability density in its inverse for a given probability. The BETAINV function syntax is BETAINV (probability, alpha, beta, A, B). The argument probability is the Beta distribution likelihood wherein you want to know the value of x. The arguments alpha and beta refers to the distribution parameter with the allowed value of greater than zero. The A is an optional argument wherein the interval of x is the lower bound. The argument B is also an optional argument that has the upper bound of the x interval.

Common error in the value occurs such as the #VALUE! Error and the #NUM! Error. The #VALUE! Error occurs when the argument in the syntax is non-numeric. The #NUM! Error occurs when the alpha or beta argument is lesser than or equal to zero. Also, the #NUM! Error will occur if the probability is lesser than zero or greater than one.

Open an Excel spreadsheet and input the following data to its corresponding cell. Input the data 0.685470581 in cell A2, the value 8 in cell A3, the value 10 to cell A4, the value 1 to cell A5, and the value 3 to cell A6. Input the formula =BETAINV (A2, A3, A4, A5, A6) in cell A7 and the result will be the value 2.

To view the formula from the value and vice versa; select the cell that contains the value and press the Ctrl+` (grave accent) in the keyboard. You can also do the viewing by selecting the Formulas tab and in the group of the Formula Auditing select the button which says Show Formulas.

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