BAHTTEXT Excel Formula

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There are alloy of functions available or present in Microsoft Excel. One of its features is the capability to convert a specific number to a Thai text and also adds the Baht suffix on the word. Also, Microsoft Excel allows you to change the Baht format into a other styles available in the Regional Setting or in the Regional Option on the Control Panel. This feature is available on the Widows. Likewise, in Macintosh Excel the selections wherein you can change the format of the baht number to another style with the use of the Control Panel for Numbers.

The number is the one you would convert to a text. It could also be a cell that is a source which contains the number or numbers or the formula that is used to evaluate the number. Here is how you do it. First step is to create a blank worksheet or workbook and select an example on the Help topic and do not choose the headers on the column or row. After selecting an example, press on Ctrl+C. After, select the A1 cell on the worksheet and press Ctrl+V. Press CTRL+` or find the Formulas tab and select Formula Auditing group then select on the Show Formula button to be able to change from viewing the results to viewing the formulas which shows the results.

Bahttext function is under the lists of the Oddities section in Excel because it does not have the same task to convert the numbers to English. The term function here means a ready-made formula that has a value, does actions or operations, and returns a certain value. Function helps in simplifying and shortening certain or specific formulas in a worksheet. The function of the Bahttext syntax has the arguments or the the values which are information provided to do an action, technique, property, or action.

Also, Bahttext is the only feature of Excel which allows you to convert numbers to text. It is commonly requested in the Excel for the words to be converted into numbers. Bahttext or the conversion of number to Baht was made a function in Excel because it was said to be the most useful function in Numbertext. Also, the theory that there are more Excel programmers who enjoys eating Thai food and wanted to create a feature that will allow them to order food in Thai restaurants. Though this theory is not still proven nor denied.

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