ATAN2 Excel Formula

In the past years, company would manually change every number on static chart all throughout the business plans. Oftentimes if one number was changed, there are countless figures being affected. After learning the embedded tables in the Excel program training, employee developed strategy where all the numerical data was hidden on master data sheet that will automatically update excel document if changed.

A lot of manager today needs new employee that has some level of training in excel. If you are in job market, computer training is CV line items you would want to acquire. Courses are inexpensive, fast, and can easily increase the opportunities. Job market is fiercer nowadays than earning position that you desire, which means taking proactive approach to the skill building. Learning the Excel functions will give you advantage from the other employees. One of the excel functions that are commonly use is ATAN2 function.

In trigonometry, 2 argument function called as ATAN2 is the variation of arctangent function. For real arguments X and Y are not equal to zero, ATAN2 (y, x), is angle in radian between positive x- axis of plane and the point provided by coordinate (x, y) on it. Angle is positive for the counter clockwise angle, (upper half plane, y>0), and the negative for the clockwise angle (lower half-pane, y<0). ATAN2 function was originally introduced in the computer programming language, however at the present it is common in some other engineering fields and science as well. It was introduced back as far as FORTRAN programming language. You can find it in Math standard library, JAVA math library, NET System Math, Python Math, and anywhere else.

ATAN Function Description:

ATAN function returns the arctangent, or the inverse tangent, of specified x- and y-coordinate. Arctangent is the angle from x-axis to line which contains the origin (0, 0) and point with coordinate (x_num, y_num). Angle is being given in the radians between negative pi and pi, excluding negative pi.

ATAN Function Syntax:

=ATAN2 (x_num, y_num)


  • X_num is x coordinate of point
  • Y_num is y coordinate of point


  • The positive result represent counterclockwise angle from x axis, the negative result represent clockwise angle.
  • ATAN2 (a, b) equals to ATAN (b/a), with exception to zero in ATAN2
  • If both of the x_num and the y_num are zero, ATAN2 return to the #DIV/ 0! Error value
  • To express arctangent in degrees, you have to multiply the result by 180/ PI () or make use of the DEGREES function.

ATAN Function Purpose:

ATAN2 returns arctangent of N1 and N2. Argument N2 could be in the unbounded range and it returns the value in range of –pi to pi, varying in the signs N1 and N1, showed in radians. ATAN2 (N1, N2) is similar as ATAN2 (n1, n2).

The function takes the argument any numeric data type or numeric data type that could be implicitly converted to numeric data type. When the argument is in Binary_Float or Binary_Double, then the function returns to the Binary_Double, or else the function returns as NUMBER.

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