ASIN Excel Formula

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Microsoft Excel is a software program being develop and manufactured by Microsoft Corporation allowing the Excel users to organize, format and calculate data using various formulas of the system for any worksheet or spreadsheet. A spreadsheet is consists of columns and rows. Microsoft office excel is bundled with different kinds of software programs of Microsoft Office that is also compatible to other software applications offered by this product suite. Additionally, Multiplan is the first software program which is similar to Microsoft Excel. It was known that Multiplan was released in 1982.

Microsoft Excel is described as the spreadsheet program generator, a printing program and maintenance, which is created by Microsoft. This is usually distributed and sold as part of the Microsoft Office Suite which includes Microsoft word and Microsoft Power point. Excel software is the most common spreadsheet software used by nearly all businesses globally. All the spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel allows the users to input data and numbers into a large cell table with the chosen arrangement which the user wants.

In Microsoft Excel, the user can find varieties of Functions and Formulas, which can be used in solving data problems. One of the functions which are utilized in mathematical or trigonometric functions is the ASIN function. ASIN function is applied to return the inverse sine or Arcsine of a single number or within the radius. The inverse sine or the Arcsine is considered the angle on which sine is the only number. The returned number is given within the radians to the range of “-pi/2” to “pi/2”. The syntax of the ASIN function is “ASIN(number)” wherein “number” is the “sine” of the angle the user wants and it should be from negative one to one.


In expressing the inverse sine to degrees, the user should multiply the result by “180/PI()” or use the DEGREE function in Excel.

Exercises of ASIN Function

  • Type in various numbers from (-1) to “from B1 to B4”. Use this formula “=ASIN(B4)” at “B6” cell.
  • Type various numbers (above and below zero, from(-1) to 1) at C2 to C10. Use the ASIN function within the B10 cell for =ASIN(C3).
  • Alter the formula =ASIN(C3) from the exercise two to =ASIN(C5:C5).
  • Use the ASIN function in Microsoft Excel for the empty cell thus the user can work with the similar database from the exercise two and three then type =ASIN(B1).

Therefore, Microsoft Excel is then a software application that extremely helps in creating reports, calculations and forms. Alphabetical, mathematical and other Microsoft Excel functions are mostly available in operating all the data. The file format spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel became the global standard because of the increasing popularity of Microsoft Excel in the global business.

It is considered the prevailing method in computation which contains extraordinary spreadsheet application that customizes many programmable options that a lot of users never use. Most of the financial, accounting and spreadsheet software include options to work with Microsoft Excel due to its popularity. This spreadsheet software in Excel is used for sales reports and accounting, check reconciliation, personal ledgers and loss and profit statements. This sometimes used for more ordinary tasks such as word processing, simple calculation, and flyer and sign designing.

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