ASC Excel Formula

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ASC text function is used for a double-type set of characters in language, change in the width, and change to a half width character. Also, text here refers to a source cell which has the text you would want to change or alter. The text must have also have letters of full-width for it to be changed or altered.

Likewise, in Microsoft Access the ASC function changes back the Number code which stands for a certain or specific character. ASC string us the specific character which will be retrieved as a Number code. The function will go back to the original value for the first character and takes no action in all the characters after the first one if you enter more than one character.

Likewise, the String parameter is that the first character can only be used for the inputting. If the String is Nothing or does not have any character Argument Exception will occur. The Argument Expression here means that an exception occurs when thrown with one argument which is invalid and which causes the method to be invalid. An Asc draws back the code point or the code of the character to the inputted character. This character can be represented from 0 (zero) to 255 for a single-byte set of characters. For double-byte characters from -32768 to 32767 are the given values.

The platforms of Asc are the Windows 7, XP SP3, XP SP2 x54 Edition, Server 2008, Server 2008 R2, Server 2003 SP2, Vista SP1 or its later version.

To convert an Excel to Asc, first you have to download the Excel file to software which could convert the file to text format. In a worksheet or a spreadsheet, the files are arranged in a row or a column.  However, in a CSV file the data is show in a text format from left to right row and the columns having commas. An ASC file usually opens in the Window’s Notepad or can also be imported in any word processing program for you to view the files or data. To convert the Excel file, use your software to convert the file and rename the text file to .asc file.

Also, in converting an Excel file to an ASC document some of the special formats will be lost. To convert, open first the Excel file it could be an existing r a new file. Now find the button which contains the Office function. This function is located at the upper left side of your worksheet or spreadsheet. Click on Save as and select and find Save as Type. Select the Text function and rename or maintain the name of your file converted. Select and click on Save as Type and click Save to change the document to an ASC document.

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