ABS Excel Formula

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Microsoft Excel has a variety of interactive features, allowing the beginners or the professional user to interface. Due to its realization, Microsoft Excel software application has the capacity to poll external databases automatically. Thus, it measures the instruments using the schedule of updates, creating of slide shows in Microsoft word or Microsoft power point, analyze the results and e-mail presentations on its regular basis.

Microsoft Excel is a kind of spreadsheet or worksheet application, which is written and distributed by Microsoft Corporation for MAC OS X and Microsoft Windows. Moreover, it features graphing tools, pivot tables, calculation and such macro language programming called the “Visual Basic for Application”. Thus, it has a very wide application to any platforms. It also has basic operations of features of any kinds of spreadsheets by means of “grid of cells”, which is arranged in letter-named column and numbered rows. These “grid of cells” aims to organize manipulations of data such as arithmetic operations. In addition, it has batteries of supplied functions in answering engineering, statistical and financial needs.

Moreover, it displays data as histograms, line graphs and charts having a limited three-dimensional of graphical display. Microsoft Excel also allows data sectioning in viewing its dependencies on different factors from such various perspectives. Thus, Microsoft Excel has programming aspect allowing the Excel user to employ a broad variety of numerical methods. In order for the user to be well-familiar with Microsoft Excel, the user must have to learn and understand the basics of this software program.

In Microsoft Excel, the use of ABS function is responsible in computing the value of one numeric or cell formula. The syntax for the ABS function in Microsoft Excel is ABS(cell). However, keep in mind that ABS function is relevant and definitely equivalent to IF function in Microsoft Excel. Both of these Microsoft Excel functions perform all basic operation on various cells, performing logical test and looking up values within data tables. Thus, these are basically the building blocks of the analysis modeling risk. Number is considered the real number which the user wants for the absolute value.

Using ABS Function

ABS function in Microsoft Excel is used to determine the definite value of one number. Thus, it significantly returns positive equivalent in any different referenced value. Moreover, through this example, you can find the absolute value of cell C7 by using ABS(C7).

Using ABS Function in Calculation

The absolute function or the ABS function in Microsoft Excel allows the user to strip away any negative sign in the number. Thus, the user can also perform calculations, which are encased through the absolute value function. Therefore, you are to produce non-negative number. Moreover, the user can also use the ABS function to ensure that calculations are definitely sensitive to any negative number.


  • Open your Microsoft Excel.
  • The user must have to enter the calculation in a single cell. For instance, the user wants to calculate for the difference in the odometer readings, which gives the user the traveled distance. Therefore, entering ‘=7300-7450’ can produce the negative number of -150.
  • The user must have to encase such calculation of the formula ‘=ABS()” in stripping out its negative sign.
  • The user is required to use the ABS function in Microsoft Excel anytime he or she might need to guarantee the non-negative numbers inside the formula.

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